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Department of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Dr.Himanshu Tadvi

MD (Paediatrics), Fellow Paediatric Intensive Care

The PICU optimizes the delivery of critical care for various complex medical illnesses, surgical and traumatic situations in children

An advanced level 3 PICU with state of art infrastructure, latest equipments& life support monitoring systems needed for management of critically ill children

Highly qualified, trained and experienced Paediatric Intensivist with a team of specially trained PICU nursing staff

It’s a one stop multispecialty and coordinated care with a team of other Paediatric Super Specialists (Surgeon,Orthopaedician,Neurologist, Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, Hemato-oncologist, Nephrologist)


Level III PICU beds (6 nos) for critical care management of:

 • Respiratory failure, cardiac failure etc.
 • Hypertensive emergencies,oncologic emergencies,Metabolic Disorders
 • Status epilepticus, Drowning,poisoning
 • Complicated infectious diseases (Dengue, Malaria, Enteric fever etc.)

Dedicated beds( 3 nos) for surgical ICU for post op care of :

 • Paediatric GI surgery/ Neurosurgery / Urological surgery
 • Paediatric poly-trauma (including head injury)

3 bedded HDU (Step Down PICU)

Isolation Unit and Paediatric Burns Unit


• High frequency ventilation for Paediatric ARDS (Conventional & HFOV)
• Invasive hemodynamic monitoring of CVP, ETCO2, IBP, ECG and IAP
• Trained Paediatrician available 24X7 for continuous monitoring and care
• Bedside facility for 2D-ECHO, USG and EEG
• Dialysis Care Unit for renal failure management
• Dedicated critical care transport team
• Ultra-modern ambulance with transport ventilator available 24X7