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Department of Pediatric Haematology& Oncology

Dr.Nirav Buch

MD (Paediatrics), Fellow Paediatric Hemato-oncology

To provide a continuum of care and support to children with blood disorders.

A sincere and dedicated paediatric haematologist with a soft heart and an even softer touch.

One stop Day Care services for blood transfusions, chemotherapy, bone marrow biopsy and Immunoglobulin transfusions.


• Comprehensive therapeutic cancer care and follow up services in children
• Congenital and acquired bleeding disorders
• Sickle cell anaemia/ Thalassemia
• Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders
• Bone marrow failure syndromes

Speciality Clinics:

• Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Clinic
• Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder Clinic


• Day Care Services for Chemotherapy for childhood malignancies
• Thalassemia Blood transfusion program and chelation therapy
• Therapeutic bone marrow aspiration/ biopsy
• Pediatric Blood Transfusion services.
• Management of hematologic and oncologic emergencies with a strong backup of fully equipped PICU and S-PICU.