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Department of Pediatric Dental Care

Dr.Parth Shah

BDS, MDS (Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry)

To provide basic as well as comprehensive dental care for children as well as adolescents requiring special care.

A child friendly environment which provides maximum physical as well as mental comfort zone to allay the anxiety of child.

A young, energetic and highly qualified Paediatric Dentist providing complete dental care and also expertises in management of unusual dental issues in children.


• treatment for natal and neonatal teeth
• feeding plate for cleft palate patients
• root canal treatment and crown (cap) for milk teeth as well permanent teeth
• tooth colour-restoration for decayed teeth
• management of trauma to teeth and surrounding dental tissues
• habit breaking appliance for thumb sucking , lip biting, mouth breathing, bruxism
• space maintainer for early loss of milk teeth
• pit and fissure sealants and fluoride application – as preventive measures
• minor orthodontic moments for cross bite correction,
• minor oral surgical procedures
• mouth guards-to avoid sports related injuries
• treatment under sedation and general anaesthesia if required